Research index

Abramson, Elda – You, me and Calais 2015

Abstract Impressionists


Apples, Pears and Paint – How to make a still life painting

Australia exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts 2013

Blackadder, Elizabeth

Francis Bacon & the Masters, Sainsbury Centre, Norwich 

Caulfield, Patrick


Colour theory (Michel-Eugene Chevreul)

Craxton, John

Diebenkorn, Richard

Durer, Albrecht – Detailed drawings

Dutch realist genre painters (Johannes Vermeer, Jan Steen)

Dutch still life and flower painters Part One | Part Two

Ernst, Max – Frottage

Evans, Paul (Suffolk landscape artist)

Facing the Modern, National Gallery, The Portrait in Vienna 1900 (2013)

Figures in interiors (Manet, Jack Smith, David Hockney, Andrew Wyeth, Anthony Green)

Foreground, middle ground, background

Golden Section | Golden mean

Hanley, Liam

Hayley Lock – Lone Pine Club

Homage to Manet exhibition, Norwich Castle


Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014

Landscape (Albrecht Durer, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, LS Lowry, Claude Lorrain, Alfred Wallis)

Landscape – artists working in a series (Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne)

Landscape – expressive (Surrealists, War artists, German expressionists, Symbolist movement)

Landscape painting – evolution of (including oil sketches)

Linear perspective

Magnificent Collections, Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts, Norwich (2016)

López Garcia, Antonio

Masterpieces: Art and East Anglia, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich

Matisse, Henri –  The Cut-Outs, Tate Modern (2014)

Mooch around the Minories 2016 (Mark Scott Wood, Victor Batte Lay Foundation Sculpture collection)

Moore, Henry  – Shelter Drawings

Nicholson, Ben

Nolde, Emil

Optical effects

People watching

Pollock, Jackson

Portraits with mood and atmosphere (Picasso, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Fauve, German expressionists)

Ravilious, Eric

Reality exhibition, Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts (2014)

Redon, Odilon

Rego, Paula (1935) – O Vinho prints

Renaissance Masters and their depiction of animals (da Vinci and Durer)

Rothko, Mark – the Seagram Murals

Schueler, Jon

Self portraits (1) (Egon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka, Albrecht Durer, Gustav Klimt, Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, Rembrandt)

Self portraits (2) Frida Kahlo, Marc Chaggall, Lucian Freud, Marc Quinn, Tracy Emin, Antony Sher

Shakespeare through Artists’ Eyes

Seurat, George

Stubbs, Constance

Stubbs, George / Skeletal structure of the horse

Turcot, Susan – Detailed drawings

Van Gogh – Pen and ink drawings | Landscape drawings

Views from a windows or doorways

Virtue, John (The Sea)

Warhol, Andy – Artist Rooms

Wyeth, Andrew

Yeo, Jonathan