Drawing 1 – Part 4


???????????????????????????????abi-one-min-7Project: Proportions

Exercise: Quick sketches
Exercise: The longer pose
Check and log: Proportions


david-essential shapes

David 2 b pencil (sketchbook)

Project: Form

Exercise: Essential shapes
Exercise: Essential elements
Check and log: Form



energy2standingProject: Gesture

Exercise: Stance
Exercise: Energy
Check and log: Gesture


poppy-sittingabi-1Project: Structure

Research point: Anatomy
Exercise: Try to do an anatomical drawing yourself
Exercise: Three drawings (another go)
Exercise: Three drawings
Experiment: Three drawings – an experimental approach
Structure: Check and log

david-pencil-2Project: The clothed figureasian-family-again

Exercise: Fabric with line and form
Exercise: Form and movement in a clothed figure
Experiment: Clothed figures on beach
Experiment: Clothed figures – In fear of Boko Haram

The clothed figure: Check and log

alice-jazz1bmouthfast2Project: The moving figure

Exercise: Sitting and waiting
Exercise: Fleeting moments
Research point
Check and log


selfie-finalcharlie-memoryProject: Self portrait

Exercise: Drawing your face
Exercise: A self portrait
Exercise: A portrait from memory
Research point: Self portraits
Check and log


matissebannerVisits and discoveries

Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs
Jon Schueler (1916-1992)
Emile Nolde, German 1867-1956
Paula Rego (1935) – O Vinho prints


Assignment four

charcoal-head-squarecameron-body-colourTask 1:  Line and shape (Second, final)
Task 1: Line and shape (first attempt)
Task 2:  Tone
Reflection on Drawing Figures
Review of learning/further action points from Part 3
Tutor Report









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