Picking up a paintbrush for the first time in ages

I spent last Thursday with  friends Karen and Stella gathered around our dining room table with brushes, palette knives, credit cards, sponges and acrylic paints. We dived in with abandon and worked quickly and freely painting on to large canvases, or in m case gesso primed paper.

This is the first time for nearly a year I’ve painted with acrylics. I was drained after POP1 which I found to be a very intensive module . At times I felt I’d lost the joy of painting but it’s back after a very therapeutic and enjoyable day.

Painting tulips and irises

Having been inspired by the flower paintings of Peter McCarthy whose work I saw recently at the John Russell Gallery on the Waterfront in Ipswich, I painted tulips and irises with abandon. With the tulips I actually did succeed in capturing what I had in my mind and I felt that a good bit of me had gone into the picture. The irises, while still loose, got a bit lost in translation. Shame as they had promise at any earlier stage.

Happy day tulips – acrylic on paper

Irises, acrylic on paper

Earlier stage. Something promising was happening here. It was quite striking at this point but I lost the plot!


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