Printmaking class – monoprints and lino cuts

I’m currently studying OCA Creative Arts Today. This is my third level 1 module in the creative arts degree pathway. I have already completed Drawing 1 and Painting 1. I needed to do this theoretical module as it is filling in a lot of gaps in my knowledge of the wider art world but I couldn’t help feeling some regret that I did not get the chance to do  Printmaking 1.

Fortunately I’ve found a very good weekly printmaking class at The Wilson Marriage Centre in Colchester and I’m loving it. I had very little printmaking experience so it’s learning all the way as we work through the various techniques. It’s a great class with good tutor and a lovely group of like-minded, aspirational students so I’m happy.

Here are some of my experiments from the first three weeks:

Mono prints


Using leaves










Lino prints


Hedgerow detail first attempt – difficult to discern the nature of it


More cut away and the characteristics of the hedgerow emerge. Interesting lesson here.









hedgerow-night2-low-res hedge-row-night-low-res






More complex hedgerow detail and experiments with tonal backgrounds. I will return to this theme and experiment more. There is lots I can do with this. It’s a development of some abstract explorations during Painting 1.



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