Gee Vaucher Introspective at Firstsite


The show’s ‘cover image’ Oh America is a Gouache created in 1989 – uncanny how relevant this feels today.

This exhibition  which runs until 17 February 2017 at Colchester’s Firstsite Gallery is so good that I’ve been three times. This is the artist’s first major institutional show in the UK and it charts her journey as an artist and political activist  from the late 1960s to the present day. I say congratulations to Firstsite for showcasing such an extensive range of Vaucher’s work.

Her practice includes collage, photography, photomontage, painting, sculpture, film, performance, typography, sound and installation.

It’s a hard-hitting and emotive exhibition and was very relevant to my current OCA studies – Creative Arts Today | Part 4 Photography. I personally  rate her work alongside that of Peter Kennard Britains best known political artist.

The show’s cover picture (above) provides a  fascinating example of how an image can travel through time and gather even more meaning. This 1989 picture was overwritten by Vaucher with the following words:

‘Give us justice which is not the searing spite of revenge, peace which is not the product of war nor dependent upon it. Give us freedom where now there is only servitude.’

The image was used recently by the Daily Mirror as a front cover.

As far as I’m concerned this is a not to be missed show – and it’s free.


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