Life drawing classes at The Wilson Marriage Centre in Colchester

I’m currently studying Creative Arts Today with the OCA and it is a theory based module so I’m missing painting and drawing. So that  I don’t get too out of practice, today I started a Life Drawing course – two hours on a  Wednesday for six weeks – and I I am going to set myself some objectives:

  • work on achieving expressive, meaningful lines (avoid scribbling) and aim for nice fluid, flowing lines
  • take Jim Unsworth’s advice and keep the history of the drawing – i.e. correct but don’t erase earlier lines as they give vitality
  • use different weights of line
  • use colour in interesting ways e.g. let it run over the edge
  • experiment with different drawing materials … pencil, pen, ink, charcoal, Conté crayon, pastels
  • experiment with different types of paper / background colour.

And if I put a few of my drawings on my blog each week I will be able to look back and see if I am making  progress!

Week 1 – Model Sarah

Today the focus was on proportion and I’m happy that these sketches are reasonably accurate although it would be easier to judge if I had fitted the whole figure on the paper.

sarah1 sarah2 sarah3 sarah8 sarah9

Week 2  in the bin! I arrived late and flustered and everything went down hill from there.









Week 3 – Rachel

I focused on line rather than tone this week. Rachel is a very long lanky model and I struggled with the proportions but I think they are just about right in these images.











Week 4

Rachel again – in some lovely poses today.
























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