Exercise: Mixing materials into paint

IMG_8275Experiment with mixing materials from the landscape to build texture into your painting. 

I should think this painting is going to take a few days to dry. I’ve used a lot of acrylic paint  mixed with PVA and a selection of materials gathered from garden, garage and kitchen.

I didn’t have any particular theme or design in mind. I was simply using up left over paint , splodging it on with a palette knife and trailing one colour through another. It seems to have energy like some kind of showy, exploding chrysanthenum.

How effective were the different materials?


Small pieces of wood in the red paint. Quite effective but lost in the maelstrom.


Crushed peppercorns in white paint  – looks a bit like someone has thrown up!

hydrangea petal

Dried hydrangea petal – with less going on this could be effective – the vein of the petal shows through the paint. In a different colour scheme it could appear delicate and fragile.

fine sand

Fine sand in the white – this is subtle and I would definitely use it again

rosemary and brush bristle

Rosemary ‘needles’ and brush bristles – the bristles were very fine and have been lost but the rosemary is interesting. Quite angular and harsh.







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