Assignment 3 – Final painting


Cameron asleep in Patsy’s Chair II, 39 x 49cm, acrylic and pen

This  is my final painting of Cameron asleep in Patsy’s chair. He looks as though he has flopped down into a comfy armchair after a hard day’s work as a living statue! It reminds me  of John Davies’ white and grey figures in the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts – Pick-a-Back and Bucket Man.

What works?

  • The pose is a good one and I’ve reproduced it reasonably. Cameron looks relaxed, I have captured a likeness. The weight of the body looks correctly distributed; he is sitting in rather than floating on top of the chair.
  • The washed out white of the body, clothes and satchel seem to work.
  • The lines are reasonably loose but not as gestural as my original sketch.
  • It does speak to me of Cameron. He is a high energy person who is either on or off. He often slumps into this chair and has a cat nap. He has usually just come from the gym so the shorts and vest are very Cameron as I know him. The satchel was a birthday present.
  • I am happy with the muted colour palette and white body… it was an experimental approach and good to try out.

What doesn’t work so well?

  • Although quite pleasing, It’s not a particularly expressive or exciting portrait…
  • I could have included more characterful lines in the hands and in the face if I had worked on a larger scale or painted part of the figure. I looked at the possibility of cropping but I wanted to include the legs and trainers.
  • This is not the best piece of work I’ve produced for this part of the course… it feels a bit safe. If I’d had free choice I might have painted a theatrical portrait or  news picture and been able to bring more drama / impact to it but a of portrait of a friend, someone known to me, felt closer to the brief for this assignment.

Stages of painting


Initial underpainting on a flesh tone ground


After reviewing my sketches again I decided to use white for the skin tone








A little more detail to the background


After looking at Paul Davies’ Bucket Man I decided to make the whole colour palette muted to pull the painting together more cohesively





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