Zen drawing and painting workshop


Tulips, Zen drawing and ink painting , 21 x 29cm

On Tuesday  I ran a “mini workshop” for my friends Anna and Harriet in order to introduce them to the art of Zen Drawing and painting with inks. We drew and painted flowers and had a very enjoyable and relaxing time. It was welcome distraction for me from the stresses of painting figures in acrylics.

I got some lovely feedback from Anna who emailed me after to say: “You had prepared it so well and with your encouragement and explanations managed to take me – hot from a very emotionally and physically demanding few days – into some zen moments and through an experience that I can truly say I have never had before.  It was so encouraging and makes me think that maybe even I can find a way to express my right side brain.

I wish I had photographed Anna and Harriet’s work, but I didn’t so I will illustrate this post with the tulips I painted. These were drawn while looking at the object, not the paper – that’s the Zen. It can be a very effective way of loosening up… and a kind of visual meditation.  and I thank my artist friend Elda Abramson for teaching me the technique.


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