Idea 3: Mount Snowdon


Snowdon – mini watercolour 4″ x 3″

This is the third and final idea that I will put down in my blog … several others have swept around in my head including creating a surreal painting by taking my cow creamers and putting them into a bucolic landscape.

However, I feel my best painting so far is that of Snowdon  and it may be wise to build on the relative success of this rather than plunge into the unknown… especially with the added challenge of painting my very first large-scale landscape.

As I felt I had already utilised the best elements of the first photo, I searched for some more  on the internet and put them into a Pinterest board:

I then put together another Pinterest Board with paintings that inspire me, including the work byGwilym Prichard that got me so interested in painting Snowdon in the first place. See:

Unsurprisingly there are a great many artists who have painted Snowdon but I was looking for expressionistic paintings and in the process I discovered the work of Kyffin Williams... another highly accomplished Welsh artist whose work is extremely exciting to me. Like Prichard he uses a lot of paint and texture, which suits the volcanic rocks that underpin the mountain, but his brush strokes are quite different.

Using what is now a tried and tested technique  I painted six quick watercolour miniatures (3″ x 4″) to try out different mountain views. A decision about which is these works bests is  difficult but my instincts are telling me to go with number six because of the drama of the shadow on the side of the crag and the leading line of the ridge which takes the eye around the painting.


Snowdon view 1


Snowdon view 2


Snowdon view 3


Snowdon view 5


Snowdon view 6






Snowdon view 4









Also see:








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