Assignment 4: Idea 1- Bottle kilns


Bottle Kiln Hill (inspired by the Staffordshire Potteries), acrylic on paper

After the doing the squaring up exercise using a photograph of bottle kilns from the Staffordshire Potteries I became intrigued by these wonderful historic structures with their lovely rounded shapes and varied forms. I thought they might make a good subject for my assignment and so I did some prep work and created a painting which is a somewhat surreal meeting of the Staffordshire Potteries and Mont St Michel.

It was an enjoyable exercise in which I created a bottle shape stack of bottle kilns and buildings and reinterpreted them as glass rather than brick. It is almost certainly a bewildering painting to anyone who has not come across bottle kilns! It might make quirky poster but I’ve decided this is not the right approach for my assignment piece  because I now feel the larger size canvas offers an opportunity to use sweeping expressive strokes and my bottle kiln idea would require some very precise scaling up. Fortunately I have a plan B up my sleeve…

Bottle kiln picture prep

I gathered together photos from around the internet, printed them out and created a collage. I experimented with colour and the use of thick or thin lines. I think I prefer the collage to the painting…

Collage of photos

Experiment with lines


Exploring colour




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