Multicoloured pencil portraits


What colour are your eyes Grayson Perry? – multicoloured pencil, A4 sketchbook. From a photo by Richard Ansett

While I was doing Drawing 1, I kept having an urge to be painting and so it’s not  surprising that now when I’m supposed to be immersed in Painting 1, all I can think about is drawing! And as drawing is always a good thing I succumbed to the urge on Saturday and created a series of five A4 pencil portraits of artists in my sketchbook.



Did I say something wrong Lucian Freud? From a photo by Jane Bown.


While at the Sainsburys Centre in Norwich I while ago I bought a couple of large multicolour pencils intending to give them to my nieces. When you draw with these, the colour keeps changing and you can’t predict what colour is going to come out next… I enjoy being slightly out of control and letting what happens happen so these pencils suit me and I have been quite entertained by the results which include  Grayson Perry with different coloured eyes and a rather manic looking Lucian Freud.

I’ll have to try  landscape next…



Andy Warhol – from a photo by Yousuf Karsh


Paula Rego. From an unattributed photo.


Frida Kahlo complete with monobrow. From an unattributed photo






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