Ready made still life


Tray of glasses in cafe in Montefalco

While on holiday in Umbria with time to linger in cafes and wander around museums I found myself thinking about how ready made still life arrangements occasionally present themselves and that I should try to capture them  in my sketchbook or in photographs. I’ve struggled with still life partly because by the time I have found the right objects and arranged them with suitable light and shade and explored a few different arrangements my enthusiasm has started to wane. Looking for ready mades could present, for a me, another way of approaching this genre.  I’m recording here some still life scenes I spotted on holiday. And I will add to this collection in future and they may inspire my still life painting in future.


5th Century BC object in the Palazzo Trinci musuem – nice reflections in the glass as well as pleasing objects


Arrangement of glass something or others! The info was all in Italian which I couldn’t decipher


Arrangement of ancient pottery


Beautiful pots – I like all the lines and reflections in the display cabinet too.


Votive figures – the perspex cubes, shadows and the reflections in the glass all contribute. I like this a lot.


Votive figures 2 The figures are tiny. The upright display brings them to life and seems to make them dance.


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