Sketchbook Umbria


Foligno rooftops – A4 drawing pen & watercolour

We have just returned from five days in Umbria thanks to the generosity of my artist friend Elda Abramson whose wonderful apartment in Foligno we stayed in. I took my sketchbook and some pencils and drawing pens and a travel watercolour set – just enough to be able to capture scenes and colours without being loaded down.

For the first time I can say I started to feel comfortable drawing outdoors with people around. That feels like an important breakthrough for me. However, my best sketches were done from Elda’s terrace overlooking the rooftops of Foligno with a drawing pen in one hand a glass of wine in the other!


Foligno rooftops – chimney detail


Foligno rooftop – dome of the Duomo


Spoleto – this house reminded me of a carriage clock. I didn’t even notice when drawing that all my lines were leaning to the right.. a bad habit of mine that I need to watch out for!


Turtles at Foligno Railway station – this was a very quick sketch while waiting for a bus and the perspective of the pond edges went completely wrong in a way that is rather pleasing !


Duomo Foligno


Alleyway in the hill town of Spoleto


Woman looking down on the piazza – very quick sketch to capture the outline of tiny woman in large window – it was a lonely and melancholy scene.


Looking down the valley from the top of Spoleto – a bit of aerial perspective going on here… although I wouldn’t choose dark outlines if I was tackling aerial perspective in a more formal way.


2 thoughts on “Sketchbook Umbria

  1. These are lovely Sarah, I think you have captured the atmosphere and the brightness of the place and given a sense of the little enjoyable incidents and discoveries that are part of a holiday. I like the way you have handled the wall surfaces, what a great place to draw…and drink !

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