ORIGO exhibition – Pier Paolo Metelli – Museo di Montefalco, Umbria, Italy

origo-imageWhile in Montefalco in Umbria at the end of September I visited an exhibition by local photographer, Pier Paolo Metelli. Montefalco is a hill top town surrounded by slopes covered in grapevines. It is where they make the famous Sagrantino wine and Metelli’s Origo exhibition pays tribute in an unusual way to the areas’s fine wine-making tradition.


Metelli’s mesmerising grape vine installation – see his website (link below) for more about the artist/photographer.

While much of Metelli’s work feels quite commercial (nothing wrong with that) the artist was definitely at the fore in this exhibition. Most striking were several installations of ancient twisted grape vines hanging from the ceiling, lit very starkly and casting ever changing shadows as they slowly twisted around. They were mesmerising.


Quick A4 watercolour sketch based on Metelli’s grape vine installation. Each time I looked up to draw the next part the whole thing had moved which was quite disturbing and I feel is expressed in my drawing.

The exhibition also included displays of close up photographs of sections of the vines, portraying all their ancient and resilient character in stark black and white. They were so detailed you could see dust and flakes falling from them… so strong and sturdy and yet fragile and disintegrating at the same time.

Further information

Pier Paolo Metelli’s website – in Italian but with a photo gallery where you can view some of the photographic images from Origo.


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