Reflections on completing Painting 1 /Part 2

still-life-flowers-final-new-background-low resThis has been a hectic three  months with a lot of distractions including summer holidays, my most busy work period of the year, and buying a new house which is currently a building site. I was determined not to let my OCA schedule slip and I managed to get my assignment complete on time – just!

There was a substantial work load in Part 2 compared to Part 1, including a hefty amount of research but it has all been beneficial and rewarding. Some of my paintings are more successful than others and this doesn’t surprise me as I am still a relative newcomer to acrylics and still life is I feel my weakest area.

apples-chair-sanded-white-low-resDuring Drawing One I struggled with still life, largely because my compositions were weak and I was too cautious about the use of light and surrounding context. I feel I have made some slow but steady improvements in these areas.

Getting to understand the colour wheel and discovering what can be achieved by mixing my own colours has been truly enlightening and is clearly an indispensable foundation of learning.

My sketchbook drawing has been weak. I need to make my sketchbook my best friend,  take it everywhere and seize every opportunity.

assignment-final-low-resWhile I’ve popped into galleries and got together on occasion with friends to draw, I haven’t been to any blockbuster shows since the Francis Bacon at the Sainsbury Centre in June. Time has been my enemy during these last few months but I will have more opportunity in the autumn and I aim to make the most of it.

When I reflect I am pleased that towards the end of Part 2, I went back to improve a couple of my paintings (still life with flowers and still life with natural objects). The reason I could was because  I had learnt more, both through observation of the work of others and through the exercises / my own practice.

I would have liked to have been more experimental with my painting techniques and to have spent more time ‘playing’ to see what happens if I do something differently. Time constraints made me a bit scared to do this in case I fell behind schedule but I’m resolving to stop playing so safe in Part 3…

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