Exercise: Simple perspective in interior studies


A corner of my bedroom (A3) acrylics (final with perspective adjusted)

OK, it’s not perfect but it is better than the original version (see below). I have made adjustments to the chimney breast, skirting boards, paintings down by the side of the chest, bottom line of the chest and the boxes on the left as well as slightly adjusted the colour to try to make the overall palette more cohesive. I decided not to crop this version as now I feel that the length of the rug leads into the picture and contributes to a sense of space.

My painting does give an illusion of space so it’s not a total fail, as this was the purpose of the exercise, but I wouldn’t  hang it on my bedroom wall – I’d shove it in with the others by the side of that chest of drawers! It would have been a better painting with some small additional features of interest… pair of shoes on the floor, item of clothing hanging out of an open drawer, perhaps?

The process has reminded me that perspective is one of my weaknesses and it’s an area in which I need to work slowly and carefully, and step back and check my work regularly.

Original version and critique


A corner of my bedroom, acrylics (A3)

When I look at this painting critically, I conclude that there is very little that is right with it. I believe my sketches were better in capturing the linear perspective. The box on the left side doesn’t look quite right because the lines should start to converge slightly and they don’t. Also the lines of the drawers are a little out, although not too much. Otherwise I plead the defence that this is a wonky  6th century cottage and nothing is straight!

I have cropped this picture slighty but retained a large foreground to lead into the picture and create a sense of space. Overall this looks more like an illustration to me than a painting – it feels a little lacking in atmosphere.

I might be able to correct the errors but I will come back to that later as I’m finding that a little time and distance improves my judgement. Also today the light was completely flat so I might also be able to do something with a little light and shadow to lift it up. Perhaps all is not yet lost!

Prep work


I started out this this sketch from the previous exercise.


I then did a couple of more sketches having shifted a few ornaments around a bit – and the furniture so that I could get a better view. The first sketch was too fussy so I simplified the set up.


The second sketch was a serious look at the perspective.


Then I drew my picture in paint but I didn’t capture the perspective angles quite as well as I would have liked but was too close to the exercise to see this at the time.


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