Exercise: Quick sketches around the house

I choose to draw in our bedroom which has the disadvantage of being  a cluttered and cramped space. As soon as I started, I began to think that I might have done better to draw in the lounge where there is more room to step back and survey the scene. But this is a cottage and there’s not a lot of stepping back space anywhere and if I’d drawn the lounge, I’d probably think I’d have been better off in the bedroom!

Apologies for the quality of the photography – I usually take my pictures outside to photograph them but today is too sunless and windy for that to be an option.



(1) This was my first standing sketch looking into the corner.

Not exciting me but the corner does help to create a sense of space




(2) Standing sketch two looking into mirror with reflection of window and bedroom door ajar. Plenty of elements of interest in this but not a good sense of space.





(3) Standing sketch 3 – liking this better than the others…again the corner is giving a sense of space, there’s a chimney breast, a chair as well as the chest… some potential.





(4) Standing sketch 4 – this is a quite a cosy view of  our bed and could work as painting. But I’m not getting a good sense of space.




(5)  Sitting (actually lying on the bed) looking up at the ceiling. I’m not ruling it out as a potential painting as there is something appealing in this  but there are mornings when light makes some lovely patterns on the ceiling and there ain’t no lovely light today, so one for a brighter day.




(6) Chest of drawers looking into corner. Another with some potential.




hallway-sketch(7)  Sitting on bed look down the hallway… yes there is potential here but I have to ask myself whether this is the right time to tackle a complex perspective painting as I am on a mission to get Part 2 complete by end of August and I haven’t started my assignment yet… Is that chickening out? Yes, definitely!

After seven sketches (and nearly two hours instead of the recommended one)  I ran out of steam…  it was the hallway perspective view that did for me.


Interestingly, in the rather cramped confines of the our bedroom I found I had better views while standing.

Sketch 3, with some minor adjustments to the composition is the one I’ll proceed with. It has some nice linear qualities and just about enough objects to be interesting. Also the fact that I’m not facing the view straight on but at an angle gives a little bit of something extra.









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