Exercise: Still life with flowers (2)

still-life-flowers-final-new-background-low res

Still life with flowers  – with new background

I’m under pressure as I’ve lot to do before my end August deadline, including a whole project before my assignment. So what am I doing? I’m going backwards and reworking one of my earlier paintings…

I’ve not been happy with my still life with flowers... something about  it did not feel right… too chocolate box cute for one thing. I concluded that the background was the main problem and that it was not helping to pull the picture together in a cohesive way.

flowers-reworked-background-lower res

Intermediate stage with a lot of white

Initially I  thought perhaps that using white with a hint of pink to reflect the flowers might work, and white with a hint of purple for the table… It was an improvement but but not the full solution.

Then I decided that the background needed some subtle dabs of the various colours used in the flowers and lemons. This I think was reasonably successfully – and certainly an improvement on the original which I was not happy with at all! I’m pleased I didn’t settle for the original version.


Original painting for comparison. The background was not pulling the component parts of the picture together.


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