Exercise: Still Life with natural objects (2)


Still life with natural objects – further work to move picture away from a completely literal translation of the scene by adding some texture and lost edges. (A3 acrylic)

My initial painting was very literal, apart from a little play with the proportions of the bowl of apples. It was OK but did not represent any creative progress. So, taking into account tutor feedback and my recent assessment results, I decided to experiment to see if I could make it more painterly. My particular aim was to try to add create some lost edges.

Light was coming from several angles – most strongly from the left, but also from the right which complicated things a little.

See below for working progress from original to final piece.


Original – very literal, representational painting









Stage 2 – sanded down revealing some of blue acrylic below the green and the white gesso









Stage 3: Final – translucent white acrylic applied across parts of picture to created lost edges and more reflected white.









What do I conclude?

Learning experience? Yes definitely. I will use lost edges more now.

Is the painting improved? Yes, while not totally transformed,  it is more interesting, less flat because of the texture and with a touch more atmosphere because of the better use of light.

I am sure that many people would think I should have left this painting as it was but I’m not aspiring to a paint representational scenes, I would like to develop a more impressionistic painting style so the experiment has value for me.

I wonder if I could have got way with simply sanding down some  areas? I’m not sure… it looked a bit unfinished at that stage. But I like the way sanding down reveals the history of a picture below and that is making me wonder about the possibility of, in a future piece, somehow incorporating a picture under that could be hinted at?





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