Painting 1 – Part2 – Reflections mid way

This seems a good point to stop and reflect. Actually it is not so much stopping as starting again as holidays in Somerset and North Norfolk and buying a new house that needs a lot of work inside and out before we can call it a home has seriously eaten into my painting time. My intentions were to paint while in Somerset but the opportunity to spend quality time with my husband David was too good not to make the most of as we have had a lot of pressures lately. Despite lugging all my painting paraphernalia with us, the truth is it didn’t get unpacked…


One much missed Hungarian Puli – Phebe

Then our dog Phebe became ill and died and that was extremely upsetting as we were very attached to our crazy little Hungarian Puli. She was 14.5 years old and has been a special part of our lives. Fortunately her brother Milo is still healthy and strong but he is missing his litter mate. Phebe loved grass and was extremely good at running around in circles chasing imaginary sheep. Fortunately she had the chance to do this in Somerset which created a happy memory. A swirl of black on a green canvas is called for!

I have just pressed the send button on two substantial pieces of freelance writing work and now, fortunately, I have some time ahead to devote to painting, which is just as well as my end of August deadline is closer than I would like. I am going to need to be organised and focused to get everything in on time.

Drawing one assessment results

I recently received my assessment results for Drawing One.  I’m pleased with the feedback. It is fair and encouraging. The overall comments are below – I have highlighted what is for me a key message in bold, and it is timely.

“Your experimental approach in the later work (landscapes and figure work) has pushed you to make more interesting decisions. This should provide you with a lot of interesting options for your painting course. The best work is done when you respond to and play with the materials you use, and worry less about literal representation. Continue to look at relevant artists and seek to assimilate their approaches with your own.”

In Part 2 so far I have loved the research and gained a lot from it but I’ve not necessarily applied the learning well to my own practice. My paintings so far have been safe, literal interpretations. I’ve been telling myself that I need to learn technique before experimenting but actually it is the experimenting that teaches me the most. Of course experimenting takes time and things often go wrong and it may be that my desire to tick boxes and move on at a pace has caused me to play too safe. I have it in mind to go back to my Still life with natural objects and take another look at the background to see if I can add  some lost edges as mentioned in my tutor’s feedback on Part 1. Then I had better start moving forwards!

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