Assignment 1


The Old Apple Orchard at Danecroft, acylics (final painting for assignment one)

Produce a finished painting at least A3 in size in your chosen medium… Your painting should be representational – showing what you see – rather than abstract.

A couple of weeks ago I spent a day drawing at Danecroft, a smallholding in Stowmarket, where my friends Judith and Jenny had organised a charity sketch workshop. It was a great day with nice people, in a beautiful garden with a lovely old apple orchard and it gave me the inspiration for this assignment.

What works.?

  • The dappled light and the gnarled nature of the old trees are captured.
  • Some of the brush strokes are quite interesting – I quite like the effect of the vertical strokes
  • I’m happy with the colour palette and prefer the more natural grey blue sky to  my experimental second picture in which I used a very bright blue.

What is not so successful?

  • The brush strokes are a bit all over the place… still much to learn.
  • More contrast between the light and shade might perhaps lift the painting.
  • Because I cropped the original A3 slightly to improve the composition, the painting is not quite the specified A3 size but close!

As a newcomer to acrylics this assignment has been quite a learning curve, particularly around the use of different brush strokes, different coloured grounds and blending the acrylics. I’m pleased to have had a go and enjoyed the process. I feel I’ve taken some tentative steps forward.

Also see Assignment 1 – preparation 


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