Preparing work for assessment


More definition of flowers so don’t look ‘stuck on’


More depth of colour and contrast

Although I’ve been putting it off for ages I’m now having an enjoyable day looking back at my work and doing some adjustments in line with the feedback from my tutor to improve some of the drawings I plan to put forward for assessment.


Improved the linear perspective of the paving stones

I was aware that leaving this task until this stage might not be wise because of the accumulated work and the loss of focus on the subject matter, and that it might have been wiser to get on with this task as I went along.





Added the floor boards as a support as the object was floating

However, I now realise that I’ve done a better job of adjusting these drawings at this stage than I might have done earlier, and that my handling of the various materials is more confident. So I’m surprised to find myself pleased to have procrastinated and it’s not often you get to say that!



Adjusted elbow to give it more weight and added a light background colour



Added a touch more light on the water, particularly near the horizon line.


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