Part 5 – Tutor Report


Assignment 5: East Quantoxhead, Conte pencils and crayons, ink, gesso

I feel very encouraged by my tutor, Simon Manfield’s, report. It is motivating me to keep going and continue to experiment and be open minded in my learning. This report confirms my own feeling that while some of my drawings are more successful than others I’ve made a lot of progress in terms of the way I work and some of my drawings are at an exciting, developmental stage, on their way somewhere!

I have taken on board Simon’s suggestion that “with all this this experimentation it would be interesting to take it further in terms of colour palette as well, especially with regards the East Quantoxhead compositions”.

I will also take another look at my final piece with a view of making some adjustments to the light: “The only thing I would possibly have considered was a more obvious delineation of light in the background, perhaps at a point close to the horizon. This would have emphasized the depth of the image by adding contrast to the foreground, while not diminishing the misty ethereal appearance of the drawing you have sought to depict.”

Tutor Report: SaraWaterer_511909_5 (pdf)

Right now I am preparing my Drawing One work for assessment and intend to make a start studying The Practice of Painting 1 at the end of March. Drawing One has been tremendous – I enjoyed it and gained a lot from it.


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