Drawing 1, Part 5 – Getting started

Decision making

I had a lot of trouble getting started with Part 5. This was partly due to returning to Part 4 Drawing Figures, following feedback from Jim Unsworth, to redo some of the exercises and part of the assignment and getting a bit obsessed with that. I also had a great deal of difficulty deciding which Part 5 option to choose.

I ruled out Drawing Figures as I felt I’d had enough of that for the moment and wouldn’t come to it fresh. Initially I decided on Option 2 – Observations in nature and I traipsed the fields and woods locally gathering leaves, tree bark, lumps of wood and thistles and did several initial studies. But I was not getting excited by them.

Initially I steered clear of the Drawing Outdoors option because of inclement weather but Iandscape drawing is, I’ve realised after some exploration and experiment, what is exciting and motivating me right now. I did a fair amount of sketchbook work on location while on holiday in Somerset in September and I decided to work with and develop these drawings.

What I would like to achieve with Part 5 – Drawing outdoors

I want to explore capturing a view in an ethereal, abstract way. Possibly mist hugging the landscape or sky as an important element of my picture. I would like to be able to take a view and simplify it; capture the essence of what I see and how it makes me feel.

I’ve  begun to understand that I have a tendency to overwork my drawings and take the life out of them with detail that obliterates the starting point of good expressive lines. So I want to avoid doing this and get into better habits.

I’d like to experiment with some of the drawing techniques I saw at the Jerwood Prize exhibition. For example, priming the paper with gesso and drawing with printer ink and using unusual angles viewpoints, interesting sweeping marks that add atmosphere and a dynamic quality. I would like to pay particular attention to light and shadow. Light glowing through clouds or mist and or a brooding, dark shadowy picture. I do not particularly want to create a pretty picture postcard image. I want to continue to experiment with different media and drawing techniques.





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