Finding the view

Places I considered…

Home and the fields nearby
360-3Initially I considered the views from and around our house. The views across the fields to Stowmarket, the windswept hedge I walk by every day with the dogs, the blue tit flitting through the bare branches of a skeleton tree, the signpost on the corner shrouded in mist. The view across the fields from the upstairs hallway window – bands of colour that change with the light throughout the day. The wonderful purple sky contrasting with green fields viewed from our front garden. I drew quite a lot of local sketches in Drawing Outdoors/360 studies and considered developing these.

The King’s Forest

Queen Mary's Walk, King's Forest, Thetfor - Conte pencils (sketchbook)

We walk in the forest most Sundays with the dogs and it is a very familiar yet ever changing landscape.  Light bounces of tree trunks and filters through tree tops, layers of colour are created by different trees. There are sweeping paths and wonderful structures formed from rotting tree trunks and the tangled roots of uprooted trees. There is a great pile of rotting, tangled tree roots which changes shape with every season.



Develop the work I did on holiday in Somerset… mist hugging a broad multi-layered landscape and a fantastic fossil beach.

hut-view-ink-wetViews from Robin Hood’s Hut
– in September we had a week in Somerset staying in the most extraordinary  house at the top of a hill with woods behind and, at the front, an ever changing panoramic view of the countryside as far as the sea. The back of the house was a rustic, thatched cottage and the front like a mini Brighton Pavilion with a terrace open to the elements. We spent hours  and hours by day and night on the terrace watching the view change with the light and the mist. I did a lot of work in my sketchbook.

printer-ink-experimentWe discovered the village of East Quantoxhead and wonderful walks that surround it during this holiday. There are great views from a cliff walk, both out to sea and down to a limestone platform that has been carved by the action of the waves over the years into undulating ridges that are works of art in their own right.

I opted for Somerset as I feel excited and moved by these landscapes and my impressions, supplemented with drawings I did in September, are still vivid.  I could not decide between Robin Hood’s Hut and East Quantoxhead so I’m developing them both concurrently for the time being. The King’s Forest and nearby landscapes will have to wait! 

I’ve done a lot of sketchbook work for Somerset which can be seen in the next exercise: Points of view – Robin Hoods’s Hut and East Quantoxhead.


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