Exercise: Three drawings (another go)

I just wasn’t happy with the drawings I produced for this exercise first time around and I’ve been finding it hard to move on to Part 5 because of a nagging feeling that I could and should have done better. This feeling was intensified following my tutor’s report.

These drawings develop the additional drawings  I recently did for the Quick Sketches exercise. The models, Chloe and Abi, are from Croquis Cafe. I spent approx 40 minutes on each picture. My aim was to experiment with different media and also to try to stop before overworking the image and drawing all the life out it.

Poppy was drawn at an ink drawing and painting workshop in November in Eastbourne with Elda Abramson.



Chloe – Drawing pen, Conte pencil, water (A3)


Chloe – Drawing pen, Conte pencil (A3)


Chloe – Drawing pen and Conte pencil (A3) – Right forearm is a little long


Chloe – Conte pencil (a3)


Chloe – ballpoint pen (A3) – I struggled with the angle of the shoulders but I include the drawing as I found a lot of variation in tone could be achieved with a ballpoint pen which encourages me to use it more.






















I’m finding the sitting posture hardest of all… and now understand why it forms part of Assignment 4.


Angela – A2 – black biro and pencil. While this is still a little stiff for my liking around the neck I am reasonably pleased with this drawing. The model looks like she is sitting on the chair and the tummy folds look natural. The head may be a little big but I did measured and the proportions seemed to be correct. I thought of using this for the Assignment 4 line drawing submission but it is not really a line drawing.


Prep drawing 1 (A3) of Angela sitting. Biro.


Prep drawing 2 (A2) of Angela – pencil. Issues around the angle of the neck.


Chloe – ballpoint pen (A3) The neck was very stiff and held very rigidly… even so it doesn’t look quite right.. a little thick perhaps. Necks clearly an issue for me!


A3 drawn with biro


Finally ‘sitting’ drawing –  Poppy drawn at an ink drawing workshop in Eastbourne with Elda Abraham in November. Elda got us to draw the model without looking at the paper. This loosened us all up and shows in this drawing with inks. (When does a drawing become a painting?)


Cross Poppy – A3 – Drawn with Quink ink and bamboo pen, plus Brusho ink applied with brush. Happier with the looseness of this image and the pose, even if the chair legs are a bit unstable looking! Find that I don’t mind that the foot is almost chopped off as it is balanced by head.



Chloe – ballpoint pen (A3) – a little stiff around the neck…


Chloe – five minute drawing in sketchbook


Abi – Drawing pen, Conte pencil and a light wash of water.


Overall I am reasonably happy that these drawings are an in improvement on my original attempts for this exercise. Ditching the rubber and correcting with the pen or pencil as I go is definitely improving my drawings and giving them a little more vitality although there is still a slightly wooden feel.  I still have to watch out for overworking and being too precious about precise lines… Abi lying is edging that way.

Overall the proportions are reasonable. Chloe was a very ‘leggy’ model and I may have exaggerated this feature but I find that I don’t mind  as it doesn’t seem to spoil the drawings in the way drawing the legs too short would.


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