The moving figure: Check and log

How well did you manage to create the sense of a fleeting moment rather than a pose?
Not terribly well, if I’m honest. I find working quickly as people are moving very difficult and end up scribbling instead of capturing the distinct gestural lines that could express so much more about the moment.

How successful were your attempts to retain an image and draw it later?
I found I could remember the an overall pose, such as a stocky man with bandy legs, the woman rubbing her pregnant tummy as she walked, a woman with hair unravelling from bun and clothes flapping in the wind. I was less successful in drawing the detail.

Were you able to keep a few descriptive lines to suggest the person’s movement or were you tempted to introduce more elements to your work?
I do have a tendency to go back and over complicate my drawings, making them wooden in the process. I’ve also worked from photographs at times where it is difficult to stop oneself adding more and more detail. However, I have discovered that I can go back and draw again from an initial over-complicated sketch and simplify the line and create a more expressive image. See The Clothed figure | Experiment  in the earlier project.


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