Review of learning / further action points from Part 3

I think I should spend a few moments reflecting on the points I noted to be aware of / follow up after completing Part 3 and receiving my tutor’s feedback. My comments are in italics against my earlier notes below.

Points to keep in mind / research further

  • Keep experimenting. Yes, I feel have been doing this when time allowed.
  • Continue learning and gaining inspiration from other artists’ work at every opportunity. This is definitely becoming ingrained in me.
  • Try not to lose concentration. By not trying to complete the final drawings for assignment four in one session I think I’ve made some progress in this regard.
  • Take a look again at the fundamental rules of perspective as I although I have reasonable grasp of these there are aspects that need attention to make my drawings work as a whole. Recommended reading: Cole, Rex Vicat, (1976)Perspective for Artists, Dover Publications, Inc. New York. ISBN: 0486224872 Total fail in this respect.
    I bought the book but I have not as yet set myself some exercises to revise and improve upon this and I’ve continued to repeat perspective errors. I’d better keep this topic on my list!
  • Recommendation for an artist to research:

“The American abstract expressionist artist Jon Schueler (1916-1992) experimented with both representational and abstracted imagery and used these two schemes of work collectively to create some beautiful and subtle pieces. In the late 1950s Schueler was based at the Sound of Sleat near Skye in Scotland. I thought you may find his work interesting, especially with regards his depictions in watercolour of clouds in a landscape.”

I thoroughly enjoyed researching Jon Schueler and it sent me off on happy trail to further discoveries.



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