The clothed figure |On Bournemouth Beach


On Bournemouth Beach  (A3) – inks (completed in March 2015)



A4 sketchbook drawing (inks)

In May I took some photographs on Bournemouth beach, looking down from the pier, and I used these when working on The moving figure project. There was an Asian family, with the ladies in flowing robes that were blowing about in the wind and it made a lovely scene.


Initial pencil sketch of family on the beach

I thought there was some further mileage in my original sketch and I developed the drawing in my sketchbook, with the aid of my photos,  using bamboo pen, ink and a dilute bleach solution. I’m pleased with the outcome. After trial and error (not shown here) I feel the approach works as an impressionistic take on a beach scene… it might be hard to guess that the location is Bournemouth. I like the slightly enigmatic nature of the drawing… is the location a  beach or a desert, where is it? The clue is probably in the child’s warm woolly cardigan!

I experimented with the technique I developed for Assignment three, and I am pleased to  discover that there is potential to apply this to figures. In this instance I used much more diluted bleach and found that I could dab it around to create a sense of texture. I also started out with some lines of masking tape across the picture which meant some areas were bleached and others not. I adjusted so that the lines were not so literal but the effect is still visible (in a subtle way) and gives some additional variations of tone.












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