Exercise: Form and movement in a clothed figure


(1) David with book (soft pencil)

Ask your model to wear some soft fabrics that will help to describe the form of their body… Seat your model in a chair so they are relaxed.

I got David to slip into his dressing gown and some baggy trousers. With the football on the



(2) David watching the World Cup (soft pencil and coloured pencil)

I finished my drawings off from photographs… making them fussier than I had originally intended but I find capturing the folds of fabric a very intense task and not something I can do (at present) in a fast and sketchy way.

I am reasonably happy with picture one (given that the brief was to not worry too much about the detail of head, hands and feet). In picture two the pose and direction of the head  looks a bit too rigid. I had intended to limit the colour to the chair, t-shirt and rug, and this was working. But unfortunately I made a mess of the area around the head with a putty rubber that left oily dirty marks and so my nice simple approach had to go. Shame. I feel there is plenty about this picture that does (or did!) work, and I’m tempted to have another go. It’s my favourite chair and favourite husband after all!




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