Exercise: Fleeting moments

For this exercise I chose to draw my niece Alice and her one year old baby Jasmine (Jazzie) who is just at that stage where fleeting moments are all you get because she is constantly on the move.

Jazzie and the dog bowl (drawing pen, water wash)
Jazzie entertained us greatly by playing with the dogs’ water bowl and trying to eat the dogs’ food. She made a wonderful mess of herself and the floor. Alice mopped up later. The picture I didn’t get, unfortunately, was Jazzie washing her sun hat in the water bowl. A shame, as it would have created a nice visual narrative.


Jazzie with the dogs’  bowls (sketchbook)


Alice mopping up (sketchbook)










Alice and Jasmine in the garden (pencil)
I sketched Alice and Jazzie quickly while sitting at the garden table. I then drew a more detailed picture from a photograph. I discovered that reproducing soft, baby features is extremely difficult and that there is a fine line between a disarming smile and a manic-looking grin! My lines in the second picture were a little heavy for the features of a very young child.


Alice and Jazzie (sketchbook)


More detailed sketchbook drawing from a photo. I like Jazzie’s  hunched up shoulders as they seem to express the joy of the moment.

Again, I feel my quicker, lighter sketch was the more successful of these two.





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