Gesture: Check and log

How well have you managed to capture the poses? What could be improved?
I feel I’ve captured the poses in these exercises but overall I find with quick sketches that sometimes I get a reasonable result and sometimes I don’t. That can be related to how alert and focused I am, how well tuned tuned in my eye is, for example, if I’ve drawn the model a few times the practice will help. Essentially I think I’m saying that my work is inconsistent at this stage in my learning.

When drawing the model with long hair I’ve lost the neck and in turn this has lost the grace my sketches might otherwise have portrayed.

Do you think that your figures balanced? If not, where did you go wrong?Yes, somewhat surprisingly in the sketches I did for these exercises I feel the figures are reasonably balanced but I’ve got plenty of others where the centre of gravity is wrong and my model looks about to topple over. This is something  I continue to need to be aware of and work on.

How did you go about conveying a sense of energy?
A sense of energy seems to come from being bolder, more experimental and spontaneous with the line. Charcoal worked better for this, especially when I used it on the side. It changed the way I worked and made my lines less timid. Please see Energy 1 and 2 images.

standingIncidentally I think I conveyed a much stronger sense of energy in an experimental reworking of the standing figure for Structure: Three sketches (experimental take) by using  lines of masking tape around the body.



blue-standingAlso I think there is a sense of energy in this sketch of three poses of Blue standing and reaching up to the sky that I did for the Structure: Three sketches exercise at a life drawing session. The poses themselves have energy and suggest a sequence of movement.


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