Reflecting mid way through Drawing Figures

I am telling myself to stop… slow down… think.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to rethink my approach to Part 4 and slow down so that I genuinely  learn and gain from the exercises. This feels like the most difficult part of the course so far because of the challenge of drawing figures and also because of the need to have models lined up which involves planning  who to draw, when and where.

Also I’m conscious that I have a big writing job looming and I’m going to be under quite a bit of pressure from the last week of May. As a result I think I’ve been trying to skip my way through as many exercises as I can as quickly as I can, dodging from project to project and treating them as tick box exercises.

I’ve resolved that even if it does mean I have to ask my tutor for an extension of my 17 June deadline, this will be better than rushing through and not getting the most from this part. I like drawing figures and I believe I’ve got the potential to do much better but in order to learn and improve I need to focus properly and create time to experiment.

I was disappointed at my work in Saturday’s life drawing course and felt that other people were producing images that were much more expressive with lovely, sensitively drawn lines and interesting experimental techniques.

Looking at various artists’ depictions of the nude

nudes1To consider how I  might improve my work I spent a very productive couple of hours yesterday going through books and web pages looking at various artists’ depictions of the nude. I pasted prints into my sketchbook to inspire me and give me some reference points to return to as I proceed.


nudes2This was by no means a comprehensive study (how could it be!) and I simply focused on images that I know and like, or those that took my eye. I looked at the work of Matisse, Egon Schiele (a huge inspiration), Stanley Spencer, John Singer Sargent, Suzanne Valadon, Modigliani, Marc Chagall and Oscar Kokoschka.

nudes4nudes3What did I learn from this? Perhaps that simple lines speak volumes.






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