Exercise: Three drawings (2) – an experimental approach


Blue Standing – Quink, Brusho Ink, masking tape (still in place) Sketchbook

I decided to go back to my life drawing sketches to see if I could use them as the source for some new drawings, using ink, bamboo pen and the blind contour technique. My aim was to  try to express them differently, with a little more life, interest, energy or whatever might come out of the process.








Blue Sitting. Quink, Brusho inks, masking tape (removed) and outlines restored.

During the life drawing session I noticed a couple of people erasing parts of their drawings to abstract them. This wasn’t going to work with inks so I tore up some bits of masking tape and stuck those down before doing my drawing and made some interesting discoveries in the process.






sitting up

Masking tape removed, as above, body lines restore and a bolder wash of colour added o the body.

It was really refreshing to stop and experiment. It has revitalised me and I feel I’ve got some ideas here that I can develop. I particularly like the way the masking tape stripes appear to be whirling around the top figure, creating some energy.


Also it has been good to play around with colour… it seems to cheer me up.  I am glad also to have used some of my life drawing sketches to create something new. This helps me to value them more as I can see that although they may not be perfect drawings in themselves, they are a resource I can use to develop ideas.


Masking tape removed, white areas painted and outlined. This looks a bit tribal!


Quink ink, bamboo pen and water wash with brush


Quink and Brusho ink drawn with bamboo pen on to a wet page




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