Exercise: A self portrait

Final picture after adding bleach and more coloured inks


Stage 2 – coloured Brusho inks applied with brush

Initial drawing with Quink and bamboo pen. Maybe I should have stopped here!
















Well, this was an interesting exercise even if it did not have the outcome that I had aimed for. My initial ink drawing was a reasonable likeness, as was the second image with the Brusho inks applied. Bleaching out the picture and then going back to add in further colour has created a plastic mannequin of myself, complete with peroxide hair! I really did set out to draw a character picture with lines, double chins and all so I’m a bit surprised at the final outcome. And where did those eyebrows come from?!

The picture in the background is one of my favourites  (a print of our runaway tyrant of a cockerel  by our opposite neighbour Carl Peter Borges). As it was behind me as I was drawing, I decided to include it, using the same colour palette. Maybe it is too much and distracting? I don’t know, but it is meaningful to me and I like the negative shape that is created around the outline of the figure and the picture frame.

Initial sketchbook experiment with inks and bleach

Initial sketchbook experiment with inks and bleach

The hand is too small and claw like. I should have practiced drawing this hand as I spotted in my initial sketchbook drawing that this was likely to be a problem. It is quite an interesting exercise to draw your own hand drawing, by the way.

I’m enjoying the  opportunity that self portraits give to experiment without fear of offending your sitter!




Another self-portrait


Self portrait – pastels

Although this is a likeness I’m not terribly pleased with it as it looks a bit amateur.  I could have made the pose more interesting by looking into the mirror at an angle but when I tried to do this I kept forgetting and found myself looking straight ahead. I think that perhaps underneath the hair I have not allowed for enough forehead.




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