Project: Self Portrait | Exercise: Drawing your face

Sketch 1 (2b pencil) sketcchbook

Sketch 1 (2b pencil) sketchbook

Look at yourself in the mirror and using your sketchbook draw several five-minute sketches of your face describing different angles of your face and head. 

Well no one is going to be able to accuse me of self flattery! I had a spare hour or so, and sat down as I was with scruffy hair and and harsh daylight shining in through the kitchen door. My sketches probably took around 10-minutes rather than five, I didn’t time them but I did do them quickly.



The first sketch hardly resembles me at all… the second two are reasonable likenesses. My husband David says that sketch two is the best likeness but that I am much more attractive than that… bless him!

All three sketches have the characteristic self-portrait frown of concentration.

I enjoyed drawing these and can see progress in that the second two sketches are much better than the first two – even though they look a bit grim to say the least!


Sketch 2 (sketchbook)

Sketch 3 (sketchbook)










Draw five more quick sketches concentrating on the overall shape of the head without the neck…

I’ve marked up the shape which feels right.



Draw the shape of your neck repeatedly in your sketchbook. Keep altering your drawing if it does not feel right.

I learnt from this exercise that the shape of the neck alters considerably depending on the pose and the angle of the head. Sometimes you see a lot of neck, sometimes much less.







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