Project Gesture: Exercise – Stance


Stance 1


Stance 2

Stance 3


Stance 4


Stance 5


















My model is Christina and I drew her from a Croquis Café video on You Tube. Although not as satisfying as real life drawing class this resource is helpful especially when viewed on a large TV.

I used a large drawing board propped up against the back of a chair in front of me (comfortable technique shown to me in the Gainsborough House life drawing class in April). I used charcoal and A3 paper and drew quickly. Each pose was between 2 and 5 minutes.

An enjoyable and energetic exercise. I can see how fast drawing results in some interesting lines. As I practice I think I am beginning, a little more instinctively, to capture proportion and achieve more flowing lines.

Although imperfect, none of these drawings look wooden to me… unlike some of my more laboured sketches of David in the previous exercise. This is helping me to appreciate the value of just going for it and sketching quickly and instinctively.

I have a life drawing class booked for 10 May which will enable me to get more practice in.



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