Form: Check and log

Where you able to focus on proportion at the same time as creating a sense of weight and three-dimensional form?
Yes to some extent… but I do have lapses, particularly when tired and my concentration wavers. I’m learning that it is vital to observe shapes closely, use all possible reference lines and take note of angles. I am trying to do rough calculations of how many times the head fits into the body to help double check the proportions. I don’t always get it completely right but I’m making progress.

I am not finding it easy to draw a figure so that they actually look naturally seated. A lot of elements have to come together – the proportions  foreshortening, light and shade etc. I am not always getting all these right but I feel I am moving in the right direction and I will have plenty to think about when I go to my next life drawing class on 10 May.

Which drawing gives the best sense of the pose and why?
In drawing two (Essential elements) I feel it looks as though the weight of the model is on the seat and on the back of the chair. There’s something of a natural slouch, the body doesn’t look stiff.

Was there any movement or gesture away from the model’s central axis. If so, did you manage to identify this and put it into your drawing?
In my essential shapes drawing my model David is seated slightly at an angle and one shoulder is higher than the other. It is quite subtle but I think I’ve captured it.

Also in essential elements drawings 4 and 5 there is a slight shift of the upper part of the body towards the book on the table. In drawing 4 the pose looks a bit wooden, it is better captured (I think) in drawing 5.



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