Project Form: Exercise essential shapes

David relaxing with glass of wine after work

David relaxing with glass of wine after work – 4b pencil

For this exercise I chose to draw my husband David sitting in a comfortable leather chair with a glass of wine. He is wearing his work clothes but has discarded the tie and jacket (they could have been ‘props’ in the picture).

My eye wasn’t tuned in for my first sketch – I should have done some quick warm up sketches. Drawing seems to be a bit like making pancakes … the first one always comes out messy but things improve later!


Unsuccessful first  sketch – proportions are all wrong. David looks too stocky.

In the second picture (above) I have done a much better job of capturing David’s long and lanky figure and I feel I have done a reasonable job of capturing his characteristics. The proportions are reasonable. There is something slightly uncomfortable about the left shoulder which did in fact line up exactly with the back of the chair… perhaps this wasn’t the ideal position.

He was holding a large wine glass… but not quite as large as the one I have drawn. The shirt was plain white and the suit trousers grey. This picture came to life much more when I added the light and shade.

There is plenty that could be improved but I think I’ve tackled the foreshortening with some success. Perhaps the head is a little small but I measured the number of head lengths to the knee several times and it seems to be roughly correct.

[On reflection I realise that I should have done several short poses for this exercise. Because the exercise was about recognising the simple basic shapes that make up the body it might have been better to have nude model or one wearing body hugging clothes.]


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