Drawing Figures: The longer pose

For the longer pose I am, again, using drawings from the Gainsborough’s House life drawing session on 5th April. As it ran from 10 am till 4pm it gave the opportunity to do a lot of work. It was absolutely exhausting too… for the artists and the model, who was brilliant. I feel my work improved enormously throughout the morning and then deteriorated during the afternoon.

One hour drawing


Sam, charcoal pencils

This rather dramatic pose of Sam was drawn with black, blue and terracotta Conté pencils. The foreshortening was a nightmare but by tackling the drawing as a series of individual shapes and angles relative to other shapes and angles I think I’ve just about captured it.

The extra time enabled me to put in the ‘bed’ and also think about the light and shadow which makes all the difference.




Other drawings of Sam


Sam (30 minutes) – the way the legs join the body doesn’t feel quite right. Is the back leg too long? Head too small relative to body.


Sam, soft pencil (30 minutes). I am pleased with the face and shoulders but somehow Sam’s legs are not connecting properly with her body


Sam, Conte pencils (45 minutes). This was a really difficult pose. I am reasonably happy with the head and torso, but the legs don’t quite look as though they belong to the body.



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