Exercise: Larger study of an individual tree

Final drawing

Silver birch in winter (pencil)

Silver birch in winter (pencil)

I wasn’t happy with my first attempt for reasons described below so I did a little more prep to think about the composition and decided to draw the birch in pencil, a little off centre, leaving some white space, and with a lighter touch with the regards to the trailing twigs. I am happier with this version as it enables the structure of the tree and the distinctive white bark to get a look in.

I feel this is better than my first attempt but as is so often the case, I prefer my rough sketches.



Prep sketches









First drawing

Silver birch in winter (drawing pen and pencil)

Silver birch in winter (drawing pen and pencil)

I’m not altogether sure that the mix of drawing pen and pencil was the best choice but I thought drawing pen alone would not give me enough variety of depth. It might have been better to stick to pencil. The overall outline of the tree is not as tall and willowy as I would have liked. I’ve almost fallen off the page at the top and the bottom left branch is a little wide.  The base of the trunk looks a little dark and heavy, it was in shade and there was ivy at the base.

This has a lot of imperfections. In terms of composition, it feels like just a drawing of a birch tree rather than a nicely thought out picture. Also, I have overdone the twigs,  less is more!


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