Perspective: Check and log

What problems did you find in executing perspective drawings?

Initially I had a lot of problems… but with practice I began to understand where I was going wrong. Getting to grips with the concepts of eye level and vanishing points took me time but helped a great deal and  was all new and useful learning. I discovered the importance of getting the angles of the receding lines correct and how to check these. I also discovered that my eye plays tricks on me with regards to foreshortening of objects in the distance and that I had to measure these  to get them right.

Make notes on the merits of using rulers to guide you.

There are two ways to use a ruler – to measure and also to draw straight lines. I found measuring (as above) to be really useful to get overall proportions and the foreshortened objects correct.

I  found that using a ruler to draw straight lines resulted in the appearance of a technical drawing. It also detracted from my observation so I found, for example, that  I would end up with a straight line but an incorrect angle. I gave up using the ruler for straight lines because I preferred the slightly looser look and I could work more spontaneously. For both exercises I drew our home and as it is an old cottage, it did not lend itself to absolutely straight lines.


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