Exercise: Parallel perspective – an interior view

View through to kitchen - drawing pen and 3b pencil

View through to kitchen – drawing pen and 3b pencil

This was a tough exercise to begin the perspective project with and my early attempts did not fill me with  confidence. But after several rough practice sketches which I marked up with vanishing points and eye level I eventually I started to understand where I was going wrong.

My difficulty was in getting to grips with the fact that what your eye thinks it sees isn’t what you need to put down on paper in order to capture the perspective. Although I have drawn without a ruler, I found that  to get to grips with the compression of objects in the receding distance (foreshortening) I needed to do some measuring because I couldn’t trust my eye alone. Each time I was surprised at just how compressed the objects need to be, the radiator and curtains, for example.


Earlier pencil drawing – doorway too wide. Vanishing points not meeting correctly.

I put off and put off doing my final drawing for this exercise and didn’t get it done  until after completing the Townscapes project.  I think  I needed time for  the learning to sink in. I’m not displeased with the end result because it is so much better than my initial drawing and rough sketch.  I live in a 16th Century cottage and very little is straight – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!


Initial rough sketch


Diagrammatic sketch



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