Exercise: 360 degree studies


Looking south-east – tractor track going up hill across field of oil seed rape

I thought long and hard about where there would be sweeping landscapes in all directions and in the end I opted to step out of the door, over the road and into the fields next  to our house. These are hardly Suffolk’s prettiest views but I knew that if it poured with rain or I got frozen I could come back in and  go back later.


Looking east down footpath to bridge with Holy Oak Farm in distance

I drew quickly with a drawing pen and each sketch took roughly 15 minutes. The fields are full in all directions with winter oil seed rape and it makes green furrows that I found difficult to tackle in a quick sketch, although they do make nice lines. I wasn’t on quite the same spot for each picture but close.


North east towards St Mary’s Church

Rather than do precisely east-west- etc I drew the part of the view that had some features in addition to the fields. The sun was very low in the west as this was late afternoon and I couldn’t see to do a picture in that direction (anyway it was all more oil seed rape!)

Interesting exercise. Makes me realised that there is plenty in even quite everyday landscapes that could make a good picture if it is framed appropriately.


North following track

Still much to learn in terms of framing, composition and getting foreground (etc) but I am thinking about all these things. And I am realising that you don’t need picture postcard views to work from.


North-west towards outskirts of Stowmarket


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