Drawing plants and flowers – Check and log

How will your experiments with negative space help your observational drawing in the future?

Observing the space around an object is important to help draw and position it accurately. Sometimes it helps me to just look at the shapes created by the the object and negative space, and simply draw those – each individual shape in relation to those around it.

What techniques did you use to ensure you drew your plants in proportion?

I’m not particularly aware of using any techniques in this respect. Have I missed something here? Clearly observing the relationships with other flowers and objects, and the negative space between helps (as above) as does stepping back to look at your picture from a distance.

How did you achieve an effect of three-dimensional space in your drawings?
I’m not convinced that I did this particularly well. However, things that help in this respect include the use of light, shadow and reflection, as well as ensuring flowers closer to the front of an arrangement are a little bolder and sharper. Also, including overlapping elements, e.g. leaves and flowers, rather than each component part sitting in its own space.


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