National Theatre – 50 years on stage – TV show: sketches

This blockbuster TV show to celebrate the National Theatre’s 50th was a gripping  two and half hours of stunning performances from stars such as Judi Dench, Michael Gambon, Joan Plowright, Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith and many more. I picked up my sketch book and gave myself the challenge drawing without pressing the TV pause button.

This was a great exercise – short excerpts from a range of performances from Shakespeare to musicals provided an incredible range of expressions (and no Botox!) and wonderful dramatic postures. I warmed up as I went along and now realise I can draw people / things on the move but  have to work very fast and not worry about the marks as I’m putting them down… just enjoy making them and be surprised later. I was working too fast to turn the page so sketches have overlapped and joined up in all kinds of interesting and unexpected ways.

Good prep for drawing living creatures later down the line. I’ll definitely do this exercise again.

nt-50-4 nt-50-5 nt-50-3 nt-50-2 nt-50-1


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