Exercise: Using oil pastel


I found the depth of colour that can be achieved with oil pastels satisfying – mine are quite cheap and cheerful but even so they seem to have been quite effective in this respect. The textured paper gives some grain for the oil pastel to adhere to. I found it possible to cover the white paper completely with multiple layers but also chose to leave quite a bit showing through, particularly in the background. I found I could scrape off the oil pastel in places where I wanted to restore the light.

I used some frottage (carved wooden edge of a table) for the green area of the background. I was pleased with how the upward pointing edges of the wooden support give a lift to the picture and break up the vertical and horizontal lines. This picture looks much better viewed from a distance as this intensifies the colours and seems to give them more tonal depth.

My first picture with oil pastels… I am pleasantly surprised by what can be achieved with them.


2 thoughts on “Exercise: Using oil pastel

  1. I love the colours and really impressed with the frottage border. I thought it made the green area look like a carpet. Like the wooden plate with the turned up corners – they do add something you’re right. I wondered if you blended colours with your fingers at all, or layered them on.

  2. Thanks for the nice comments Jane. I layered the colours and scraped off a bit with a finger nail here and there. Looks like you’ve got off to a great start. I love your bottles and jars… you’ve got a very distinctive style. My bottles and jars still look like they are manufacturing misfits!

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