Exercise: Using hatching to create tone (2)


I wasn’t very happy with my first attempt at this exercise, so I had another go using three gourds, arranged on the woven seat of a chair. In this instance I used paper with a coarse grain and watercolour pencils. This gives an almost ‘Pointillist’ effect but it does make it difficult to achieve density of tone because so much white shows through.

The overall effect is very light because of the choice of items, the background and the type of paper. I managed to resist putting a dark outline around the objects… There is too much yellow going on here.  I could have used a more brownish tone for the chair seat so that there was greater contrast against the gourdes – I don’t think I always need to be quite so literal… Or using a green gourde in place of the very yellow one would have achieved a better colour balance but unfortunately I cut up my beautiful green gourde so I could look at the inside and it wouldn’t go back together again!

I don’t think I’m much happier with this than the first picture, although I feel the composition and background are OK. I can’t quite decide whether the cast shadow, which takes up a lot of the picture, is over the top or not…

Preliminary drawings exploring composition and background. I tried both the chair and also a cloth background.



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