Exercise: Using markers or dip pens


In drawing one I used marker pens, drawing pen and ink applied using a bamboo pen.

In drawing two I used the same as above but without the drawing pen.

In picture 1 the drawing pen has made the fruits look like solid wedges which doesn’t really capture their soft, watery nature.

Drawing 2, while not brilliant, does make the fruits look  more real and edible – the melon might melt in the mouth and the light is much more evident. I played  with a less restrained use of tone by adding the tablecloth and colouring the plate.

This  illustrates what my tutor has recently said about using drawing pen sparingly to outline objects , especially when there is light bouncing off an edge. Interesting learning exercises if not great art!

Preliminary sketches of composition

I experimented with various ways of arranging the fruits on a plate and also with how much of the plate to include. As a result, I reduced the number of fruit segments (at one point it was looking a like a chopped up fruit salad!) and choose (for picture one) the three quarters plate arrangement as being a bit of plate without too much.

watermelon-comp-prep-2 watermelon-comp-prep


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